Build Value with Aprima EHR and PM

The Aprima Best In KLAS Information System Will Deliver
Dramatic ROI and Transform Your Practice

Many doctors find they can document care-as-they-go, making chart updates in three minutes or less.

A key feature of Aprima EMR is no templates, which totally avoids the update hassles of keeping templates up to date every upgrade of the basic software.

Move into the era of Value Purchasing with a system that enables you to manage patient focused care, including individualized health plans, track patient risk and report population health outcomes for cost sharing and other risk sharing contracts.

MDCommerce has been supporting practices using Aprima for a decade with proven performance of 95%+ first pass payment and over 98% collections of allowable reimbursement.

Adopt high performance business models and affordably step into Best In KLAS. We can help you transform the usability of your information system and build value at your bottom line.

Get Stopwatch measured charting:
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