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Building Value in your practice involves end-to-end focus on patients, services, revenue streams, workflow and earnings. Get a free practice assessment on how to add value through enhanced security, workflow improvement, administrative staff savings, enhanced office and online services, new revenue streams– that add up to a larger bottom line. For More Information or to discuss a Free Value Assessment: Click Here

Build Value Through Strategic Staffing-Free/No Risk Parallel Trial

Your staff extends your capacity to care for patients. The right staff, doing the right tasks in the right order can improve quality services, patient satisfaction, maximize revenue and minimize expense. Leverage your MA and Front Desk staff with MDCommerce Staff Extension support. We come along side your staff during a trial period to demonstrate our ability to perform and integrate with your workflow. Once you are comfortable with our accuracy and performance you have a choice of half or full time staff positions at significant savings over local hires. The following services are available.

MA Assistant Administrative Support Staff

  • Authorizations (Save 30-40%): Securing authorizations is often required to get paid. Particularly for specialized procedures. Authorizations must be comprehensive for the treatment plan and provide adequate time to complete the procedure. Further, authorizations must often be updated to cover the full length of care. MDCommerce staff work in real time with your office to ensure required authorizations are secured, documented and tracked. Whether part time or full time, our staff will systematically wait on the payer to answer the phone, ensure a comprehensive authorization and document the authorization in the patient record.
    Why tie up your internal staff or risk missed payments? We fully cover our team members with up to speed back-up positions so you have no down time because of sick leave or vacations. Save 30% to 40% of in-house costs for this must have job. Not only does our team secure the original authorization, but double checks it prior to the patient visit to cut losses from missed or authorizations. For more information Click Here
  • Medical Records Management; Orders and Referral Management: The flow of faxes, correspondence, lab results and referral outcome reports that need to be processed and placed in the patient accounts in the EHR is a constant reality in a busy practice. MDCommerce Staff collaborate with your MA and front desk staff to manage incoming and outgoing documents and link them to patient accounts. Keep up with documentation so your patient charts are always up to date at 30-40% less cost. For More Information Click Here
  • Medication Re-fill Management: MDCommerce administrative support for your medical assistant helps the track and process the endless flow of medication refill requests. Our staff are trained on the office protocol and work with HER, Pharmacy etc. to ensure same day turn around on refill requests. For More Information Click Here
  • Communications Live Answer After Hours/Week-End:
    Call Center 24X7 Live Answer and Online communications (online, phone, fax, e-mail) for patients and ancillary servicesthat resolves 98% of questions on the first call with a reliable escalation process to ensure all patient concerns are resolved timely. For More Information Click Here
  • Reporting and Performance Analytics:
    You don’t have to guess with MDCommerce. We report on the productivity and accuracy of all our staff every day. Customers have full access to our daily performance reports. For More Information Click Here

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