Build Value with One Touch Expert Deep AR Resolution

The best fix for denials is 98% first pass payment.

Even with strong learning systems and continuous rule refinement there will be claims that are denied.

The better the upfront scrubbing of charges, the harder the denials are to figure out.

One thing is for certain, the denial code used by payer computers can really throw off accurate resolution. The real reason for a claim denial may be totally different than the code the payer used to tell you they won’t pay for the claim.

That is where MDCommerce Expert Denial Resolution Experts can help.

We have the experienced team of specialist who can address a backlog of claims that have not been paid. They do the deep analysis for effective one touch resolution and get your backlog paid–fast. They work on many billing platforms including Aprima, Epic, GE Centricity, NextGen, AdvancedMD, Kareo and more so they hit the ground running on day one.

If you have claims that are approaching timely appeal and you are stressed about the potential loss you face; the MDCommerce AR Experts can help you move a high volume of claims out of the risk column to paid claims.
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