MDCommerce Epic Billing Experts Deliver Gold Standard Results for Practices

MDCommerce Epic billing experts will help you get the business in your practice generating maximum cash flow using Epic Resolute to maximum benefit at a lower cost. The MDCommerce team of Epic billing experts will give you the comfort of knowing you have a team of experienced pros fighting to collect every dollar from day one.

Simplify The Transition to Epic Resolute!

There is a big payoff from joining an Epic community. Epic software enables you to exchange referrals online with other providers along withpowerful connections to your patient’s MyChart record. Getting connected to an Epic clinical neighborhood doesn’t mean your cash flow must suffer. MDCommerce Epic billing experts can step in on a one day notice and get your claims flowing whilereducing average time in AR to less than 30 days.We help you achieve MGMA best performing practice results with MDCommerce Gold Standard billing for Epic.

Discover the Difference MDCommerce Epic Expertise Can Make In Your Practice.

Find out how MDCommerce billing experts can help you strengthen the business inside your practice. The MDCommerce team of Epic experts can help you transition to ICD-10, augment your business revenue and reduce your costs so you take more to the bottom line. To find out more about how we have helped Dr. Dagan and other practices turn their business operations around and thrive, and meet PQRS and Meaningful Use reporting, RAF score coding and much more call 888-339-9504

“MDCommerce Billing truly saved my practice!”
“MDCommerce Billing means business and transformed my practice with quality, timely and accurate claims. My previous billing company lacked the Epic software expertise, personalized service and anticipation of my needs to help me stay way above water!”
Waldo Dagan, MD
Internal Medicine & Enhanced PrimaryCare
Cornerstone Medical Clinic, Sumner, Washington

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