Pulmonary Pathogen Panel (RPP)

MDCommerce Turnkey Molecular Testing Enhances Diagnostic Capabilities for Your Practice & Monthly Net Earnings Of $20,000 or More

The MDCommerce / Med Services Respiratory Pathogen Panel (RPP) testing program with in office equipment brings the power of molecular testing to your practice. Your greatly enhanced ability to identify over 14 strains of bacteria and viruses within one hour with 99.5% positive specificity helps you prescribe more effectively for patient pulmonary illnesses.

The self-contained business unit adds service revenue through a partnership program with MDCommerce / Med Services. Our molecular testing system offers the only in-office PCR test approved by the FDA, CLIA and Medicare in the nation. We implement and assist in the management of an in-network flu and respiratory testing site, with no initial out-of-pocket expenses for the practice.


Respiratory infections are a 17.3 billion dollar problem per year in the United States. Due to the inherent faults in screen tests (30 million influenza viruses are misdiagnosed per year). According to the CDC, negative and positive flu screens alike should be verified and differentiated by molecular testing. There are 500 million non-influenza respiratory infections annually. Only 50% of antibiotic prescriptions for acute respiratory infections were estimated to be appropriate. In 2016, to combat the growing threat of antibiotic resistance, The President’s National Action Plan called for a goal of reducing antibiotics prescribed for acute respiratory conditions by 50% by 2020.

Services Included In The Business Model:

  • Prequalification of practice
    • Identify the number of respiratory and flu visits per year
    • Contact commercial and Medicaid payers (depending on state) to verify the actual reimbursement by contracted payers
    • Preparation of a Practice Business Plan for the RPP Drop-In-Unit
  • Placement of RPP table top equipment that can run up to 8 tests per day
  • Training/certification of practice’s staff
  • Placement of trained on-site clinical technician
  • Insurance and benefits verification
  • Insurance authorization when needed
  • Test Service Billing and Payment Reconciliation For Accurate Financial Management
  • Supply management
  • Daily and Weekly reporting
  • Overages will be sent to in-network lab where the non-CLIA test will result on 21 viruses and bacteria-results will be within 24 hours which is within the Tama Flu’s 48 hour protocol

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