“Think-Like-A-Business” Value Building Strategies

  • Switch to electronic patient statements and patient payments. Improved cash-flow and reduced cost.
  • Determine eligibility and estimate patient payments before rendering services.
  • Make patient payment easier via online and phone based debit card, credit card and check, or cash at front desk.
  • Tighten controls on front desk patient due collections with balance due reminders with appointment call.
  • Edit and correct claims in real-time, before submission.
  • Put clinical and financial documents online—including claims, EOBs, and care summaries.
  • Transfer documents electronically, including claims attachments, between payers and providers.
  • Organize the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 code sets to ensure charting does not slow down patient visits.
  • Use Business Intelligence Reporting: Analyze data to produce actionable insights that boost profitability.

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