MDCommerce will help identify new revenue opportunities, maximize collections, streamline operations, comply with reimbursement reforms and new regulations and deliver actionable insights from data analysis to keep your bottom line growing.

  • Become A Best Performing Practice & Take More Home
  • Over 90% first pass payment,
  • 95% plus collections of allowed contractual payments
  • Average payment in less than 30 days
  • We Work 24/7

The result is that every potential revenue leak is plugged and filled with proactive controls that guarantee you make more money.

Common Problems We Fix To Add Value To Your Practice:

  • Patients are checked-in but eligibility is unchecked
  • Co-pays / patient pay are uncollected
  • Appointments are deleted, canceled, moved, missed, etc.
  • An unauthorized visit or procedure is about to happen
  • Patients have been seen but remain unbilled
  • Balances above your preset threshold are written off
  • Timely filing presets are ignored
  • Claims or denials are not followed up
  • Collections performance is below preset threshold
  • Monitoring of User productivity, and much more.

Strategic Staffing

  • Keep up with medical records management at lower cost freeing high value time of in-house staff
  • Secure and monitor all required authorizations saving denial losses and costs of appeals
  • Improve speed and reliability of medication renewals
  • Maximize first pass payment with clean claims.

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