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Help doctors build more rewarding practices with increased value in patient satisfaction, professional and personal satisfaction and increased net income.

About Us

Our passion and expertise is building value for our customers. Many of our practices have experienced from 15% to 35% increase in their net take-home earnings (while increasing their patient satisfaction). Telemedicine now offers a new opportunity to expand the reach of your practice for the benefit of patients and you bottom line.

There is no better way to find out how effective we are than to talk with one of our customers. Building value in your practice is a moving target. What was high-performance yesterday is not satisfactory today.

MDCommerce is constantly innovating solutions to help you adjust to increasing regulations, new demands of payers and patient insurance coverage that shifts under their feet.

We are developing innovative new business models to support small and medium sized primary care practices. Medicare has 104 codes approved for telemedicine. They offer a unique opportunity to grow you net earnings.

Our partnership with AdvancedMD and telemedicine platform enables us to offer you an affordable Total Care Solutions in which you can add services with a custom strategic fit to achieve your goals and capabilities.

Our specialist teams come along side to leverage your operational efficiency and performance on any platform including EPIC and Athena Health.

Using a digital strategy, including AI, ranging from claim review to avoid denials and speed payments to virtual telemedicine, remote patient monitoring and care coordination expands value.

Our hospital services provide certified ICD-10 coders and expert deep resolution AR collections support.

We help you build value through continual improvement in patient engagement and outreach and lower costs.
Check out our Gold Standard services. Give us a call to find out how we can tailor affordable solutions to help you build top value in your practice to produce a more rewarding practice professionally, personally and financially.

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