Value Management

Reduce Costs and Increase Revenue

For A More Rewarding Practice

Think Value

Value Management is about finding new ways to increase patient satisfaction and your net-earnings per hour. We help create and capture value in multiple ways to enhance the services you offer your patients while growing revenue and net earnings.

  • Get and Keep Credentialing Up To Date
  • Secure 100% Pre-Authorizations-Avoid Denial Losses
  • Confirm Patient Benefits-Know You Will Get Paid
  • Schedule To Maximize Visits
  • Code for Accuracy and Fast Payment with Certified Coders
  • RCM Billing Team Support: Maximize Collections with Expert Staff for Charges and Payment, Denial and AR Follow Up, Patient Payment Support
  • Collaborate with a Practice Coach to Build Value

Total Value Practice Support Services

MDCServices come along side your practice to leverage your strengths to expand patient revenue generating services, cut costs and increase net earnings. We tailor fit assistance to maximize value as measured by Revenue Cycle Mangement Gold Standard Performance Measures:

Decrease Operating Expenses

  • Flexible staffing at lower costs
  • Streamline workflow
  • Ensure accurate coding and documentation

Increase Billed Revenue Per Pysician Hour

  • Manage Referrals
  • Monitor and Measure Payers and Procedure Mix
  • Bill new available services codes
  • Secure 100% Authorizations prior to care
  • 95+% First Pass Payment
  • Collect 98% of allowable
  • Get paid faster with AR Days under 30
  • Inrease % of Collections-98+ of Allowed
  • Speed Payment with First-Pass-Payment 95%-98%
  • Reduce costs connected with denials and AR follow-up

Engage Patients For Improved Satisfaction and Revenue

  • Referral Pricing
  • Payment Financing
  • Health Plan Goal Setting

Create New Revenue Source & Net Income

  • Sell unreimbursed services to patients for direct pay

Launching Value Mangement-Buy Only What You Need

MDC’s Low Risk Value Model: Buy as much or as little of our servicews as you need to win. The great thing about Value Management is that you can make meaningful steps forward without taking big risks. You don’t have to jump off a cliff with wholesale changes. Adopt improvements that pay for themselves as you go. MDC works:

  • Within your systems:
  • On Your Schedule
  • Using your workflow and processes
  • On tasks you select
  • Managed by your leadership
  • With one all-in low hourly rate.
  • Using buffer staffing to ensure you never have to worry about trained staff showing up for work.
  • Flexible staffing to add staff in ¼, ½ and full time increments

Low Risk/High Reward Free Staff Trial

We start with a free ramp up period of two to four weeks followed by a short three month contract. Once you are sure we deliver value you can measure on your bottom line, you can lock us into a long term commitment for reliable, stable staffing. Our engagement process has four steps

  • Shadow your staff to learn your systems
  • Free Trial Ramp Up, We start working for free
  • Short Term Contract Full Performance
  • Longer Term Contract

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