Think Value

There is no silver bullet. Building Value in your practice involves end-to-end refinement of patient services, revenue streams and workflow to reduce costs and increase net earnings.

Earn More From Your Current Services

  • Get and Keep Credentialing Up To Date (Avoid credentialing denials)
  • Secure 100% Pre-Authorizations-Avoid Denial Confirm Patient Benefits-Know You Will Get Paid by Insurance Plan of Patient
  • Schedule To Maximize Visits
  • Code for Accuracy and Fast Payment
  • RCM Billing Team Support: Maximize Collections and Reduce Cost with Expert Staff for Charges and Payment, Denial and AR Follow Up, Patient Payment Support
  • Collaborate with a Practice Coach to continually build value through streamlined operations

Build Clinical Value Through Strategic Staffing

Leverage your MA and Front Desk staff with MDCommerce Staff Extension support. We come along side your staff to support clinical and patient services:

  • Medical Record Indexing,
  • Patient Referral Management
  • Refill Follow up
  • Benefit and Eligibility Checking
  • Authorization Desk
  • Medical Records Reproduction

Build Value Through New Revenue Streams

Respiratory Pathogen Panel(RPP)Lab Services

Install advanced lab technology for molecular pulmonary tests to deliver faster results for patients, target appropriate drugs, and increase practice income. Learn More

Chronic Care Management

Add both personalized services for your elderly patients and net new income for the practice. A membership model with enhanced services that incorporate CCM services can add value through 99490 team care revenue. Learn More

Add $50,000 to $80,000 Per Doctor With Hybrid Membership

Small numbers can make a big difference. For example a family medicine practice using a hybrid membership/insurance business model converted over 4,000 patients to a member services model charging an average $150 per patient per year. The gross revenue of $150,000 per doctor enabled the practice to materially add staff and services while enabling the doctors to add $80,000 to their take home income.
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Primary Care At Home

Primary care delivered at home has proven to save $7,000 per patient in annual healthcare costs for home bound seniors. It can also be a profitable expansion of primary care using a team of nurse practitioners. MDCommerce has the experience and central services to assist a medical home practice set up an auxiliary mobile care unit. Our 24X7 communications, EMR, billing and other services provide the infrastructure to enable launch and operations within reasonable risk.

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