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Company History
The company began medical billing twenty years ago in 1994. We worked for providers in the South Puget Sound region of Washington State. Our job was primarily to convert paper service encounter records into electronic charges and track the claims until they were fully paid. Less than 10% of total payment was by patients.

Today our customers have transitioned to fully integrated health information systems with linked EMR and Practice Management. Escalating deductibles by payers has resulted in patient payments increasing to almost 50% of the total claims processed. This has caused us to develop new services and departments like our Patient Services Division staffed with experts in answering patient questions about their statements. Our patient service staff are experienced billers who answer more than 95% of patient concerns on the first call, they also initiate calls and work out collections for those who have slow pay balances. Our certified coding department helps customers build value by correct coding at the start. They are helping customer transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10.

By 2014 Cascade Billing had grown into a national technology and service company with customers in thirty states. We have responded to the changing market conditions not only in the breadth of our expertise but in the solutions for our healthcare customers. We provide Gold Standard revenue cycle management services across a full spectrum of healthcare including anesthesia, radiology, clinical and pathology laboratory and almost all multi-specialty medicine ambulatory practices. We also provide certified ICD-10 coding and assist customer readiness for the deadline for conversion now set for October 1, 2015. As the risk and complexity of business processes increased for our customers we changed our focus from experts in claim processing to assisting our customers in building value in their businesses.

Our practice coaches work with practice front desk staff to ensure reliable customer engagement from payment responsibility determination to wellness focused care coordination. We work with practices to define new business models to enhance quality outcomes for patients while strengthening the revenue and bottom line of the business.

From legal compliance with HIPAA Omnibus to HITECH MU II MDCommerce has the expert staff and developed services to support enhanced value development in provider business.

Growth from a handful of staff to over two hundred has not changed our focus on personal service and attention to Gold Standard performance for each customer. Through advanced technology, integrated expert teams our assigned account managers can deliver the right expertise and service each customer needs to build value by delivering quality and cutting costs and earning more at the bottom line.