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Correct coding is at the heart of medical revenue cycle management. Based on patient clinical conditions and adopted payment rules, every claim requires the service and diagnostic code set to define contracted payment. MDCommerce co-shoring services combine the best in certified coder talent and AI deep data analysis to deliver real time claim coding for a wide range of specialties from anesthesia, radiology, molecular testing and pathology lab results to surgery and general multispecialty medicine. As medicine moves into the new phases of technology applications, MDCommerce is partnered with AI partners who deliver greater than 40% code processing throughput without human review at above 98% accuracy.

MDCommerce Medical Coding combining our large team of certified coders and integrated AI processing provide a coding platform for any sized customer.

MDCommerce codes for large hospital systems and labs as well as many specialties like cardiology, OBGYN, Molecular Labs, Reference labs, radiology and anesthesia departments. Give us a call and find out how MDCommerce can tailor a coding solution for your services, no matter the size, that will increase performance accuracy, reduce denials save money and increase your bottom line.

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