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New Lines of Business: Everything You Need To Successfully Expand Your Practice

There are over 1 billion internet web sites.  Consumers increasingly, work, shop and communicate using their cell phones and the internet.  Expanding remote patient service approved codes and related income opportunities for doctors is a top priority of the AMA to move healthcare online. Medicare has approved 144 codes for billing extended reach healthcare to improve patient access. reduce hospitalizations and overall costs.  Telemedicine is part of the patient care landscape for every practice.

You can significantly build value in your practice by expanding your scope of services for patients, through a digital services strategy, without working longer hours.  Your additional remote service menu can generate from  40% to 60% of the total revenue of your practice and greatly enhance patient satisfaction.  

Telemedicine can, literally expands your ability to serve patients both geographically and expanded after hours urgent care.  Coupled with remote patient monitoring and related care, you can leverage your existing patient relationships into the patient centric care the new digital tools make possible for a more rewarding practice.

MDCommerce “digital package for care management services”  has the team to work with you to create a multi-channel plan to remotely serve patients, expand the reach of your practice and add to your income.  Our support packages have organized the resources you can draw from to launch new services, fully integrated with your practice and current staffing.  Our Account Managers will help you build on the existing patient profiles and software systems you have in use to integrate our AMD telemedicine platform, to create a patient centric platform on which to build your digital service practice.  Your strategy can be sequenced like climbing a ladder, from easy to adopt with no additional physician time, to strategic modifications to integrated on site and remote staff.

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