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Payer Contract Negotiations

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Deciding the payer contracts you accept sets the financial foundation for your practice. It is a two-way street. Payers in most cases have the contracting upper hand in even deciding which practices they will accept into their contracted network. It is still important for you to decide which payers are beneficial for you and your patients. The first choice is whether to be in network and agree to a contract. How does a contract help you and your patients? The payer mix you negotiate is crucial to the average revenue per service you achieve for your work.

Having a value focus for your practice, whereby you show patient outcomes and the benefit of your services in terms of overall financial costs and results is the key to gaining strong agreements with payers.

A digital strategy for your practice, where you have documented your patient conditions, risk factors and outcome results are key to proven successful payer negotiating strategies. How does the value of your care warrant higher fees? MDCommerce’ experience will help you pose and answer persuasive terms.

– Proven verbiage that helps you tell your practice’s story and speed negotiations

– Complete a market and provider assessment that shows payers why you deserve more money

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