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Build Value Using Telemedicine Services

While the 70% of outpatient doctor visits reached during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic has reduce, there is consensus that telemedicine healthcare visits are the new normal. You can build value in your practice through enhanced access for your patients, with extended hours of service, a broader geographic reach and increase  net earnings.

The AMA has made approval of health emergency reimbursement permanent and further clarified fair payment for remote medical services.

The AMA, AAFP, HFMA in their recommendations for adopting telemedicine all agree that practices should carefully plan and implement telemedicine to augment quality of care and income.

For convenience we have provided links to many of the relevant guides and reference documents (see Resources) that will help you gain a detailed understanding of the clinical, financial and operational factors for success.

MDCommerce Telemedicine Solution Services will help you evaluate and determine a specific plan that builds value and fits your clinical financial and personal objectives.

We will provide you the regulatory context for quality of care for patients extending your video platform to meet administrative needs and ensure you meet HIPPA and other regulatory requirements.

Telemedicine is helping hospitals use video to improve accessibility for patients and family to patient recovery.

MDcommerce will assist you in adopting an operational plan of hours, mix service offerings, financial analysis of up to three practice adoption models for your final choice.

Our professional team will train your staff and provide staff extension support for the optimum delivery and financial model that builds value for you and your patients


Telemedicine goes far beyond e-visits. Many specialties have adopted remote, video-based care delivery to achieve better access for their patients, easier care coordination, smoother transitions in care, cost savings, and additional opportunities for provider income.

Synchronous Telehealth

Telemedicine has been successfully implemented by a broad spectrum of specialties.

Specialties for telemedicine in 2022 and beyond.
1. Family Medicine
2. Pediatric Care
3. Women’s Health
4. Urgent Care
5. Behavioral Health and Psychiatry
6. Dermatology
7. Cardiology
8. Urology
9. Infectious Disease
10. Hospital Emergency and discharge care

Direct medical care

Direct interaction between the patient and a healthcare provider can come in the form of video visits, video conferencing and even chat. It’s often best suited for e-visits for non-emergency issues as well as for psychiatric and psychological assessment and appointments. Best fit for patient and doctor is when the patient and doctor have an established relationship, although 24 hour urgent care has generated millions of visits.

Chronic Care Management

A combined physician and remote health resource coordinator helping to monitor care plan status and keep the doctor updated on progress in managing diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions can significantly assist patients in managing their health risks. New approved CPT codes for remote patient management add significantly to practice revenue.

Mobile Care

The MDCommerce mobile care plug-and-play back office support for providers who deliver home care at assisted living and personal residences can respond to patient care needs with televisits without having to drive most of the time, preserving their time for patient sessions that require in person care. The MDC back office support fully supports mobile care from scheduling to billing.

Remote Patient Monitoring and Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Using a variety of IT technologies to monitor vitals and other health signals of a patient remotely allows for a more cost-effective way to safely monitor patients. This also offers a far better patient experience where they can stay comfortably at home, even if they need 24-hour monitoring. The MDCommerce delivery model and technical platform makes delivery of care seamless and fully coordinated and can add many thousands in revenue per month.

Post-surgical care

It is often difficult for a post-surgical patient to make a trip to the surgeon’s office, which makes telehealth an excellent solution for follow-up appointments and monitoring. This allows for more visits and monitoring for a lower cost, as well as offering clinicians the ability to collaborate with others. For the surgeon and their teams, this can boost productivity and offer peer review and collaborative opportunities.

MDCommerce provide the technical platform and surround services to enable providers to implement Telemedicine as independent online providers or as an extension of their clinic.

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