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Build Value with Telemedicine Urgent Care

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Build Value with Telemedicine Urgent Care

Telemedicine Urgent Care can do several important things for your practice.

1. Respond to patient needs with immediate patient focused care.

2. Triage patients so they get the best level of care at the time they need attention.

3. Respond to patient needs with a care team, matching the right care team member with the severity of need.

4. See patient and manage their care with the best service fit, while increasing earned revenue per hour for the practice.

5. Utilize the available reimbursement codes to fit patient needs, and utilize physician and staff resources most effectively.

6. Reduce emergency room visits by addressing the short term crisis and linking patients to ongoing problem resolution and long term coordinated care.

MDCommerce telemedicine support includes the portals, apps, digital care management tools, nurse and general call centers, chatbots, emails, text messages, and even paper mail—so patients can receive information in the ways that best suit their needs and preferences.

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