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Build Value Through a Digital Vision For Patient Centered Care (AI Empowered IT)

The arrival of the Covid-19 lockdown, and the mandatory deployment of telemedicine has had a broad impact on healthcare. Leveraging the digital opportunity is far more than adopting technology and rolling out Zoom access for your patients.  Your digital future is much more than a technology add on.  Reimagining your practice as a digital, multi communications channel service for you patients and staff requires an integrated digital communications and service strategy.

Build value and Leverage Telemedicine into data-driven operations

We partner with you to use data to know your patients, and thereby provide patient focused care while to succeed with risk-based contracts, migrate towards value contracts and higher revenue and margin per practice hour of service.

Gain Margin Through New Patient Access

Without good access, patient flow is reduced, patients may be lost to competitors, and revenue collections slow. We help you think through service offerings, workflow, information insight for care and data driven insight.

Build Value with New Products and Ways to Serve Patient

We can help you think through the patient consumer experience, to ensure patient focus, quality care and better net at the bottom line.

Broaden Your Patient Panel and Services Without Working More Hours

A data driven understanding of your patients needs, the services you provide (both reimbursed and unpaid) can provide insight into linking all services rendered to patients with revenue generating reimbursement.  Even new services like telemedicine, remote monitoring, mobile care at home need to fit into a seamless digital strategy of integrated care.

Build value through Patient Focused Relational Care

Building a relationship with your patients takes a comprehensive digital strategy that weaves your team and patient communications into a responsive web of care that responds to patient needs as they emerge, and delivers the assistance they need when it is needed

Build Value with AI and Smart Digital Reporting

What would you like to see in your inbox that tells you how your practice is performing?

Who are your patients, how often do they access care, and what are their primary

Understanding your AR by aging, payer, patient?

Which payers are slow? Why?

Provide real time answers to patients about costs, care options and outcomes?

Understanding your fee schedule and negotiate with payer from strength?

Track patient care revenue and expenses?

Turn the resource of integrated data in your EMR and Practice Management, and patient engagement platform into insight that drives patient satisfaction and higher bottom line net.

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