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Hybrid Member Plans
Add $50,000 to $80,000 Per Doctor With Hybrid Membership

You can augment revenue and cover payment for many of the unpaid services you now provide to patients. A low cost annual patient membership plan will enable you to provide a more robust suite of patient focused services, while helping you to increase the direct revenue of your practice and leverage earned revenue per practice hour.

Small numbers can make a big difference. For example, a family medicine practice with four doctors using a hybrid membership/insurance business model converted 7,000 patients to a member services model charging an average $150 per patient per year. The gross revenue of $262,500 per doctor enabled the practice to add patient health resources staff and services while enabling the doctors to add $80,000 to their take home incomes.

MDCommerce Inc. Membership Model services provides all the consulting and back office support to convert your practice, sell membership and manage the membership communications and services, billing and support.

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