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Bringing Patient Focused Primary Care Home

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Bringing Patient Focused Primary Care Home

A two year study done by the Rand Corporation and CMS published in 2014 shows Home Based Primary Care improves patient health management and significantly lowers costs on average over $7,000 per person per year.

Delivering care at home requires a specialized business model. Coordinating and delivering care as you move from patient to patient.  A very different logistical and communications environment than office based care. Done right it can be very successful for your patients and your practice.

Benefits of Mobile Chronic Care Management

MDCommerce “Business-In-A-Box” support for traveling doctors. We provide end-to-end support to help you start a successful practice. Business-In-A-Box includes the business format, help with initial organization, credentialing and marketing. Our back office support system enables you to launch with a remote medical assistant, mobile and central office communications, EMR and tablet front end, patient eligibility, registration, reporting and revenue cycle management. Your personalized back office enables you to stay on top of care team communications, as well as patients and family members.

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